About Us

Koochi adventures is a dedicated company to delivering the best wilderness experience in Africa. The company was founded and owned by a founded by a team of young nature enthusiasts who love outdoor adventure activities in the year 2014 with a passion to host visitors from the world over, to share all that Kenya and East Africa, has to offer. We offer specialized tours in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda with best services with our seasoned tour operators.

We are accredited before the Kenya Tourist Board, which is the administration’s designated expert for the travel industry in the nation. We also have contracts and collusions with most lodgings and traveller associations and organizations in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to offer the best itinerary possible to our clients. We are also represented on Safari Bookings.

Why Koochi Adventures

Koochi adventure is owned team of young nature enthusiasts with the one major focus to give the best to its client. We offer customized services and treat every one of the travelers who travel with us as our guests. With Koochi Adventure you arrive as a guest however leave as a friend.

We guarantee you an unparalleled safari experience in East Africa with our dedicated tours in Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda at very reasonable prices the best of each destination.

The time you want to spend in East Africa does not make a difference, regardless of whether you want just a day or a week before you leave, we are sufficiently adaptable to accommodate you.

Listed below are some of our highlights which makes us stand out from other tour-operates:

  • Koochi Adventures have very experienced and proficient guides, who are in the business for quite some time.
  • We offer private tours at very reasonable and competitive prices, clients benefit by simply enjoying at minimal cost and save up to 25% from booking with the company
  • Guaranteed departure at any time of your choice.
  • We only book recommended private, small nice hotels well known for their great quality service.
  • We not only solve all the headaches in designing a superb holiday, with us you remain part of us sending postcards and any specials as they keep coming
  • Balloon safaris at very reasonable rates
  • Guaranteed seats by the window
  • Well-equipped safari vehicles, with pop up roofs, radio calls, maps, field guide books, binoculars
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • We pay attention to details


Our Mission and passion are to host tourists from the world over, to share all that Kenya and East Africa, has to offer.  We are Our success is measured by visitors who choose to return again and again with us, and who encourage their friends and family to experience the country for themselves. We are profoundly dedicated to being the benchmark in service brilliance, offering educationally and experimentally enriching programs and innovative content with added value at competitive prices to our client’s unforgettable travel, enjoyable, with guaranteed services.


Koochi Adventures is committed to providing an outstanding customer service experience to all our clients: travel agents, organizations, groups, families, and individuals. We listen to our clients, anticipate their needs and respond to their requests with care – in a timely manner.

Core values

Our Values are core convictions that our employees have about how they must behave themselves in the accomplishment of Koochi Adventures’ mission.Communication- Our travelers communicate to us what they want, we listen, and deliver. We communicate openly and honestly.

Knowledge- We have the knowledge, we want to share it with our customers.

Honesty- We endeavor to build long-lasting associations with our clients. To accomplish this goal, we construct Open and Honest Relationships that have a beneficial outcome.

Passion- We are passionate to host visitors from the world over, to share all that Kenya and East Africa, has to offer.

We value relationships with each of our clients and employees to offer the best to them.

Service Excellency-We are continually endeavoring to meet and surpass the expectations of our guests and to do that we determinedly seek after magnificence in all that we do, each day.

Social Responsibility

We are focused on sustainable tourism practices maximizing social, economic and cultural advantages.

Work directly and closely with the local communities and ensures that we pay wages which are commensurate with the services provided.

We encourage guests where possible to plant indigenous trees

Support community and conservation initiatives and all customers traveling with the company wishing to contribute or make donations are directed to the projects we support.

What we do.

Over the past years, we gathered broad knowledge and multi-facet experience in the travel industry, especially the tailor-made and individual planned market. We thus are proud to offer the following types our travel methods throughout Kenya and East Africa:

Wildlife Safaris

Beach Holidays

Wild/ beach-Honeymoons

Hotel Bookings

Koochi Adventures is represented on SafariBookings.com