Day Trips

One of the great things about Nairobi is that it’s relatively close to the mountains and a number of other diverse tourist places. We at Koochi Adventure provide varied day tours which are suitable for everyone as you can witness during your day tour.  If you’re thinking of getting out of the city and exploring the surrounding area, read on to discover the best day trips to take from Nairobi.

Hell’s Gate and Lake Naivasha National Park

Hell’s Gate, a part of the Great Rift Valley, situated in the vicinity of Lake Naivasha is about 90 km from the capital city, Nairobi. The park derives its name from the intense geothermal activity within its boundaries.

The park’s varied topography and diverse geological landscapes attract visitors from everywhere. It is famed for its natural geysers, eagle and vulture breeding grounds.

Lake Nakuru

One of the finest national parks of Kenya is positioned in the Rift Valley at 1750 meters above sea level. The park surrounded by rocky escarpments, acacia forests and waterfall is a sight to behold.  It is best known for its black and white rhinos, endangered Rothschild’s giraffes, pink flamingos and pelicans. You can do of an array of activities like bird watching, hiking, picnic and game drives during the day trip.

Nairobi NNP

Nairobi National Park is only one of its kind parks in the world primarily due to its location. It is the only national park in the world which situated near to a national capital, with distinctive city scrapers as its background.

The park is hots diverse wildlife including the endangered black rhino, lions, leopards, cheetah, hyenas, giraffes, buffaloes and over 400 bird species.

The park not only offers an alluring safari experience to the visitors but also provide camping facilities inside the park.

David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage and Giraffe Center

This half day tour is one of the most satisfying day tours you can embark. As you can see closely how the dedicated team of David Sheldrick Animal Orphanage, take care of the baby elephants, rhinos and other animals are being taken care after being orphaned by poachers The centre is open each morning between 11am and 12pm for visitors daily. Baby elephant calves can be watched while they are being fed by the caretakers and also watch them play.

Hell's Gate National Park
Lake Nakuru National Park
Nairobi National Park
Giraffe center